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The Paxen Group, Inc. is a recognized leader in training and workforce development. Since 1980, Paxen has specialized in developing and delivering training programs that build academic and employability skills for at-risk youths and out-of-work adults. Many of these people are economically and socially disadvantaged. High dropout rates and lack of employment opportunities compound their problems.

Paxen is passionate about providing programs and services that put people in this underprivileged community back to work. Our youth development programs are recognized across the United States for quality learning materials and training methods that work. Paxen-created curricula enable these youth to build job skills through interactive experiences that are relevant to the real world.

As our reputation for successful programs has grown, so has the confidence of our customers. This confidence has led to the development of new products and programs to benefit an even broader scope of clients. From concept to completion - to training and delivery, Paxen can do it all. In other words we ...

CREATE - At Paxen, we create our own learning materials. We’ve been designing training programs for a long time, so we know what works. We know that people learn from practicing, not just listening. We know what kind of skills young people and adults need to get back to work. And we know what employers want. Our training programs are turnkey ready. All we need is people, and we’ll bring out the best in them.

EDUCATE - When people think of Paxen, they think of hands-on learning. The kind of education that produces practical skills for employability. We teach in-school and out-of-school youth, adults who want to get off welfare, and public housing residents needing a hand up. We teach skills, not just facts. It’s real education for the real world.

GRADUATE - Paxen programs put people on track for success. More than 13,000 at-risk youth have graduated from our About Face program, prepared to stay in school and get a job. Our GED Plus program gets results for those without high school diplomas. Our in-school programs show students how they’ll use their academic skills in the workplace, so they’re ready to graduate to real life. Paxen produces successful, employable people.

LOCATE - After we give people the job skills, we help put them to work. We work closely with employers and community organizations to find positions for our graduates. At Paxen, placement is part of the package.


Paxen Group - Leaders in Learning