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It’s no accident that The Paxen Group is recognized as a leader in training and workforce development. We have been helping people learn for decades. Because we design our own training materials, we can put those years of experience into everything we produce.

Paxen specializes in making people employable. We have experience with employers, so we know what skills they want. We have experience with at-risk youth, so we know what kind of instruction they need. We have experience with adults who need to get back on track, and we know how to design the programs to get them there.

We have learned over the years, too. We have learned that people learn best by doing, not just listening. That practice really does make perfect. That learning can be fun. That real-life situations make sense to students, and when they see how a skill will help them in real life, they’re more prepared to learn.

We put all this experience together into complete training packages. All you have to do is turn the key and turn on the learning.

A history of expertise
We have been in the workforce training business for more than 25 years, the past 15 under the Paxen name. In that time, we have built a reputation for quality products and programs that provide at-risk youth and underserved adults with life, job, and computer skills, and academic remediation.

Over the years, some clients have asked for true turnkey operations, where we provide everything to build a training program from the ground up. We are now experts in this service, providing staffing, facilities and furniture, networked computer labs with software and Internet access, training supplies and materials, transportation, insurance, and a multitude of other options as needed by our customers.

Other clients requested self-paced packages, so their students could find their own way to a new job or a healthier lifestyle. Paxen delivers here, too.

Thousands of success stories
Through our history, Paxen programs have helped thousands of people throughout the United States. Our local and regional programs often exceed performance expectations, and some have become models for expansion across the country. Operation Forward March, for example, provides training for adult welfare recipients at nine sites across the state of Florida. To date, the program has met 105% of required enrollments, achieved 116% of the required successful completions, and served more than 1,800 adults. Similarly, Paxen's Operation About Face program for at-risk youth provides after-school and summer programs in 27 Florida locations. Over four years of operations, About Face has met 111% of required enrollments and achieved 125% of required successful outcomes, while serving more than 6,400 youth. These programs have expanded to Rhode Island, New Jersey, and South Carolina, with plans underway for other states.

We deliver graduates who are ready to enter the real world with confidence, experience, and valuable life skills.

Paxen prides itself on being part of the community. We have built our success in partnership with school systems, educational agencies, community and faith-based organizations, foundations and the military services, as well as public service agencies and private sector businesses. These strong working partnerships mean we can provide the highest quality and quantity of services, and put funding dollars to the best use.

Operation About Face! and Forward March  are two examples of partnerships in action. The National Guard provides facilities and mentors, Department of Labor provides the funding, Department of Children and Families assists with recruitment, and private and non-profit organizations provide career opportunities, work experience, and job and education placement.

Technical know-how
Paxen always understood the importance of technical assistance, provided in person, electronically, or by phone. Paxen’s technical assistance includes specialized staff and management training, accounting and financial services, hardware/software set-up and troubleshooting, research, data collection and dissemination, survey design, implementation and analysis, as well as report preparation, monitoring, workshop presentations, recruitment and selection, customized quality control, and much more.

Paxen’s reputation for professionalism begins with our dedicated employees. Paxen personnel offer a wide range of talents, experience, and geographic and ethnic backgrounds. Paxen people are experienced educators, workforce professionals, designers, and logistics experts. They know how to bring out the best in people. Our corporate culture encourages creative thinking and unique approaches to meeting challenges while emphasizing integrity and a strong work ethic.

Our staff draw on our years of experience to deal with unexpected problems and with the inevitable issues that arise when dealing with people. Paxen people take great pride in their ability to get the job done, no matter what.

Paxen Group - Leaders in Learning